What makes our cheeses unique?

We know that our cheese is some of the best cheese you've ever tasted


Our cheeses are made right on the farm where we milk our own cows. No transporting milk to another location or purchasing milk from another farm.


We make our cheese during the summer and fall while our cows are grazing our pastures at their peak. All the benefits of grass-fed milk are found in our cheeses.

Naturally Rinded

Aging in our climate controlled cellars in a European style natural rind gives our cheeses extra flavor. Once you've tried them you will taste the difference!

Our Cheeses

Grateful Ched

our aged cheddar marinated in a barleywine beer

Four Leaf Clover

our aged cheddar matured in our cellars for over a year

Galen’s Good Old

our own gouda

Pirate Blue

our blue cheese

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Learn about our cheesemaking process and about life on our farm and cellars

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