We produce many different styles of cheese. Availability may vary with seasons. Read a more detailed description for each of our styles by clicking on an image.

Smoked Galen’s

our own gouda marinated in distilled smoke

Winemaker’s Select

our three-month-aged mild Asiago marinated in Cabernet Sauvignon

Royer Mountain

our own Romano matured in our cellars for over a year

Tussey Mountain

our aged Emmenthaler swiss


our mild cellar-aged cheddar


our basil, garlic and dried tomato flavored cheddar

α & Ω

our cows’ milk feta

Uncle Joe’s

our own aged asiago matured in our cellars for over a year

Honduran Harvest

our hot pepper cheese – habaneros and cilantro milled into our mild asiago

Wild Mushroom

our chanterelle mushroom and chive flavored stirred curd cheddar style

Pirate Blue

our blue cheese

Galen’s Good Old

our own gouda

Four Leaf Clover

our aged cheddar matured in our cellars for over a year

Grateful Ched

our aged cheddar marinated in a barleywine beer