Four Leaf CloverOur fields are full of clover, but it takes time and persistence to find a four-leafed one. You could say the same of our Four Leaf Clover in the field of many cheddars. We have a larger inventory of our cheddar style since we are processing all of our milk. We age out our cheddar, only selling the youngest available batch as Clover. All of the rest matures in our cellars.

In our 45°F cellar, our Four Leaf Clover wheels mature for 12-16 months. As a result of the longer maturation, these wheels are full of flavor. Some even develop the calcium crystals that are a sign of high-quality aged cheese. According to one chef, our aged Cheddar is world-class and as good as cheddar from England that cost three times as much.

We cut up most of these wheels of Four Leaf Clover for sales at our farmers markets. We have set aside a few wheels set aside to mature for wholesale customers as well. Let us know if you would like to add it add to your restaurant’s menu.

*Priced higher due to the extended aging process*
Current Aging: twenty-three months
average Wheel: 6.5 pounds

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