Several years ago now, we had a batch of cheddar that didn’t turn out quite right. While we were making a delivery to Pittsburgh, we met someone from East End Brewing. They mentioned that they had a batch of their barleywine beer turn flat. We decided to see if we could turn two mistakes into something special. We soaked our cheddar in their flat beer and found that the flavors were a perfect complement. East End Brewing called the beer Gratitude, and since we enjoy a good pun, we call this cheese our Grateful Ched. We’ve since sold all of that batch of cheddar, so we’ve been soaking our aged cheddar in the beer. The sweetly sour beer adds just the right amount of moisture to the dry and crunchy aged cheese to become a perfect combination. Try some and let us know what you think!

Current aging: twenty-three months
Average wheel: 6.5 pounds