Do you think life is a little bland? All cheese tastes the same way? Not anymore! Wake up those taste buds with a nibble of our hot pepper style: Honduran Harvest. The hints of Honduran flavor will take you to the Caribbean island of Roatan and cool you with mountain breezes from La Tigra National Park. You will soon be shouting, “Qué Buena!”

When we previously made Honduran Harvest, we noticed that the heat just didn’t last during the 60-day aging process. We wanted to try some other way of making a hot pepper cheese. Taking two wheels of Uncle Joe’s that were already aged over 60 days, we cut them into small pieces. We ran them through our cheddar milling machine to get small cubes of cheese. Then we mixed in some cilantro and dried habanero peppers from our friend Janet at Piper’s Peck. We put the mixture of cheese and peppers into the press and pressed them overnight to form two new wheels of hot pepper cheese. Now everyone who tries some says this cheese has plenty of heat!

current aging: two months
average wheel: 8 pounds
retail wedges are 1/3 pound


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