Artisan farmstead cheeses made from raw milk offer many of the same benefits as fresh raw milk because the milk is not pasteurized before being made into cheese. The cheese is then aged at least 60 days to maximize the levels of acid and beneficial bacteria. Most cheese available in the U.S. is made from lower quality and left-over milk, but cheese from Clover Creek Cheese Cellar is always made from the same fresh, high quality milk you can buy at our farm. The quality and freshness of the ingredients, as well as the small batch size, 60 day aging process and non-pasteurization makes our cheese exceptionally creamy, flavorful, healthy, and unique. We are able to ship our cheese via UPS or USPS, to anywhere in the United States.

Cheesemaking Process

cheesemakingOur cheese is not another push button cheese. We fill each vat slowly, using a stainless steel pipeline direct from the milking area as we milk our cows. Cultures are then carefully added and the milk is gently stirred by hand, not beaten by stainless steel paddles. After the right amount of time, we add rennet after the age-old tradition of making great farmstead cheese. After coagulation, the curds are quickly cut, allowed to rest and heal, and then gently stirred by hand. The curds are eventually packed into molds and pressed by hanging weights for the allotted time. Cheeses are then aged in one of our climate-controlled cellars, on locally grown wood shelving. Instead of suffocating them in plastic, they grow a natural rind that gives additional character and flavor to the cheese. We monitor the rind and mold growth, scrubbing rinds as needed. We wash some of our cheeses with different solutions to enhance the flavor. Each cheese is hand turned to make sure even development of flavor throughout the wheel. At just the right time, we cut up the cheese, vacuum-pack them, and sell them to discriminating customers. Welcome to the taste and quality of true farmstead artisan cheese! We hope you enjoy our cheese as much as we enjoy making it!


We produce around 15 varieties of cheese in our creamery. A complete list is available on Our Cheeses page.

How to Purchase

Ready to find out where you can buy some of our cheese? Learn more about our pricing and the many places where our cheese is sold on our How to Purchase page.